LHS Extended Homeroom Sessions

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All students are invited to sign up for 1 session to attend during our Extended Homeroom. Registration ahead of time is required. Signing up and then not attending may result in loss of future Extended Homeroom privileges. Students not attending a session will stay in their Closed Homeroom.

Senior Naviance Support | Student Services | CR 3

Attention Seniors! Need help requesting transcripts on Naviance? Questions about the Common App? Counselors will be available to support!

48 currently available


Credit Cards and Credit Scores | Mr. Damm | C042

Considering getting a credit card… one day? Then consider this session… today!

In this session we will cover the different types of credit cards and how credit cards effect your credit score. What’s a credit score? Don’t worry, we’ll talk all about that too!

21 currently available


The Craft of Cooking | Chef Miller | D009

Learn the basics of cooking from knife skills and cooking techniques, to various careers in the hospitality industry. If you are looking to learn more about the craft of cooking, this session is for you! This session will focus on pastas.



Improv Comedy for Life | Miss Becker & Mrs. Wolfgang | CR 1

Students who attend this improv comedy workshop will play improv games and have some fun! Improv helps prepare you for life - responding to mistakes, teamwork, public speaking, quick thinking, and more. We will also tell you about our school improv comedy team, ComedySportz and how you can audition.

20 currently available


Positive Self Talk & Avoiding Cognitive Traps (Sports Psychology) | Coach Rodgers | G026

This presentation dives into the details of sports psychology. We'll cover topics like mental toughness, confidence, self-efficacy, and more.

28 currently available