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All students are invited to sign up for 1 session to attend during our Extended Homeroom. Registration ahead of time is required. Signing up and then not attending may result in loss of future Extended Homeroom privileges. Students not attending a session will stay in their Closed Homeroom.

Senior Scholarship Information | Student Services | CR 3

Attention Seniors! Need help requesting transcripts on Scholarships? Attend this session to learn about where to find scholarships and information on the application process. Counselors will be available to support!

50 currently available


How to Buy a Car | Mr. Damm | C042

Whether buying new, used, or leasing. There are tips and strategies that you should know to help you make the best decision possible and get the best price possible. During this session we will learn about the different types of cars, how to smartly take out a loan if needed, and negotiation strategies.

26 currently available


The Craft of Cooking | Chef Miller | D009

Learn the basics of cooking from knife skills and cooking techniques to various careers in the hospitality industry. If you are looking to learn more about the craft of cooking, this session is for you! This session will primarily cover plating techniques.

0 currently available



Basic Stitchery - Counted Cross Stitch | Ms. Murphy | E33 (Mrs Gaha's Room)

Counted Cross Stitch (Basic embroidery stitch) and simple embroidery skills.

1 currently available


Off-Season Training for Athletes| Mrs. Shover | H010

While fall sports wrapping up, many athletes are looking at how best to recovery, maintain, and build during the off-season. We will discuss necessary rest, strength building, and endurance development. Off-seasons can be a great opportunity to build a foundation for the next sport.

25 currently available


Health & Fitness Related Careers | Coach Rodgers | G026

Are you interested in health and/or fitness? This workshop can help you know what options are out there and what kind of training/education you'll need to get into the position you want in your potential career field. Come participate in this Q&A style presentation covering health and fitness related careers with your favorite strength coach, Coach Rodgers!

35 currently available


Visual Storytelling | Mr. Grove | H005

From social media to television news or sports broadcasting, it’s critical to be able to tell an impactful story that connects with the viewer. Students will be introduced to the elements of a good story and how to produce them for a television or digital audience.

24 currently available


Outdoor Survival Skills for Emergencies and Disasters | Coach Wright | G024

Learn basic outdoor survival techniques without the use of a digital device. If you are interested in learning more about surviving in an emergency situation this is for you. After the lesson you will be given emergency scenarios to work through.

12 currently available